I attended the 12 week course at Western Dog Grooming School in the fall of 2005. Western Dog Grooming School prepared me well in becoming a professional dog groomer. The instructor Tera and her assistants were very knowledgeable and professional, treating each student with respect and patiently explaining and helping us grasp each concept. The curriculum was well-organized with book learning and explanations in the morning and hands-on grooming practice with the techniques covered in the afternoon. We learned not only the different grooming styles for each breed of dog, but also the beneficial aspects/information about how to start up a grooming business, first-aid treatment and diseases/conditions of dogs that we may face in the grooming salon. By the end of the 12 weeks, I felt capable with the skills that I acquired to start my own grooming business, which I did immediately afterwards. Since January 2006, I have my own business with many happy customers in Westbank, B.C. called Dream Dogs Grooming. Thank you Tera and Western Dog Grooming School.
– Jennifer Schwab, Dream Dogs Grooming, graduate Dec 2005

Thank you, Tera for preparing me well for a dog grooming career. Even though the training is only 3 months long, I feel very confident about the skills I have learned to begin a dog grooming career. Not only did I learn important trimming techniques but also the importance of holistic pet care.
The Pet First Aid helped me to understand the variety of diseases and health problems that can occur. It taught me to identify health problems such as infestations or skin diseases. Thus providing me with the knowledge to inform pet owners. The Conflict Resolutions assignment and Customer Interaction assignment also prepared me to interact with customers and resolve various issues with the customers effectively.
The program was beyond my expectations. I am very excited to embark on my dog grooming career. Thank you again, Tera!
– Janet Sui, April 2012 graduate

I am a former student of WDGS. The ethics and true love of pets, especially dogs, is what helped me in my decision to come to this school. Anyone who decides to become part of WDGS is definitely on the right path to knowledge and a rewarding career.

-Tracy Festing, April 2012 graduate

Western Dog Grooming School gave me all of the basic tools I needed to open my own grooming shop and provide an income from home. I absolutely love what I do and am very grateful for all of the training and support.

– Kathleen Wilson, Luvz Dogz Grooming Salon, July 2011 graduate

I attended Western Dog Grooming School September 2010. I learned the skills I needed to become a successful Dog Groomer. The knowledge, expertise and support of the instructors and staff were superb. It was fun to go to school and as a bonus I made some cherished lifelong friendships. Upon graduation I felt confident to open my own Dog Grooming Salon. Today I own and operate Shiny Pet Coats Grooming Salon in Abbotsford.

– Shelley Kardoes, graduate Dec 2010

Western Dog Grooming School was a great place to learn my dog grooming skills. Small class size, a knowledgable and confident instructor, and a safe learning environment. The pace of learning was just right, challenged to accomplish things on your own, but having a helpful hand right there when you need it. Since then I have started a succesfull mobile dog grooming business. My happy customers are a testimonial to my skills both in grooming and customer relations learned at Western Dog Grooming School. Thanks Tera!

-Shayla Libin , Shampooch Mobile Dog Grooming , April 2010 graduate

Great grooming school in BC. Excellent program with easy-to-understand theory materials. The diploma from school is hung at my shop with great pride.

-Tiffany, July 2008 graduate

As a graduate from Western Dog Grooming School, I’ve obtained the skills necessary to start my own business with confidence and success. With hands on learning as well as theory, the information of our studies was delivered clear and effectively. I was given the encouragement to ask questions and positive feedback to help grow in my skill development. Tera’s school was a great start to my career.

– Danielle MacDonald, Dec 2007 graduate

Western Dog Grooming School was a great way to get my foot in the door into a career that I will have for a life time. Grooming School taught me the basics that I needed to land my first job as a groomer in which I learned so much. I will always remember the good times I had in grooming school and appreciate the skills and safe pet handling practices that I learned. I am now the grooming manager at a salon in Coquitlam and we have opened a new salon in Port Coquitlam. My long term goal is to have an in-home grooming salon and raise a family. My advice is to ‘Go to School’, get as much as you can out of school and never stop learning~ there is always new information, new tools, and new tricks of the trade to learn, after-all its all about giving the best care we can to our furry friends.

– Lena Ozero, December 2006 graduate

I enjoyed my experience at WDGS, and found it to be very thorough. The teachers were always helpful and supportive in my learning process. I always recommend WDGS to anyone interested in learning to groom. I appreciate the opportunity I was given to learn the techniques from a master groomer. This knowledge helped me build a successful business and career.

-Nicole Tyson, July 2005 graduate

The curriculum was comprehensive and well-organized, covering bathing, scissoring and clipping of all breed categories. Small classes allowed for lots of individual attention, and the students had the opportunity to work with a lot of different breeds of dogs, even some breeds that are rare in BC. Besides teaching grooming, Tera also helped the students with business set-up and networking skills. Even after graduation, Tera was always happy to offer advice to those who were starting up new businesses.

– Jennifer Wu, April 2004 graduate

This video was put together by Crystal MacDonald, during her training at Western Dog Grooming School with various candid shots. She has done a lovely job showing what a typical day at the school is like. Most pictures were taken during one of the creative coloring days at the school. Please be assured that all products used for coloring the dogs fur are all dog-safe products.

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