Program Overview


Program Overview




The Western Dog Grooming School Program combines the learning of knowledge and theory components with face-to-face demonstrations of dog grooming skills and procedures.

At the Western Dog Grooming School we believe that a good pet groomer is a well-informed groomer. We want our program participants to be educated and knowledgeable about the health and well-being of dogs, the execution of different breed trims, and the business of pet grooming.

Full Pet Groomer Program
Based on extensive experience in training, WDGS has created a program based on four distinct branches or building blocks to develop professional pet groomers. These four branches are incorporated and integrated throughout the training curriculum.


Practical Skills


Program/Course Goals:

  1. Educate program participants in all aspects of theory and knowledge pertaining to the discipline of professional dog grooming.
  2. Facilitate student development in all practical skills pertaining to the discipline of professional dog grooming.
  3. Provide direction to explore future employment opportunities as a professional dog groomer.






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