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Program Delivery -- How the Program is Structured:
Our vision to provide the best pet groomer education possible is accomplished through delivering the knowledge portion of our training by means of online learning (home study) followed by optional two-week ‘Face-to-Face’ (F2F) group meetings to demonstrate various grooming techniques. We will also draw on the expertise of guest presenters relevant to the specific area of study at the time. This format of program delivery enables participants anywhere to carry on with their online learning and then, come together for the optional two-week practical skills demonstrations, to be held in the Lower Mainland of BC (Metro Vancouver area).
> By limiting the practical skills portion to the two weeks, accommodation costs are minimized for out-of-town participants. The practical skills demonstrations will be offered as a full-time schedule, Monday through Friday.

Recall the quote from our homepage:
Experienced pet groomers who have set up schools and a portion of their curricula is home study and then you complete an internship onsite at a specified location.
WDGS encourages this kind of recommended education and training

Program/Course Structure -

Course delivery is divided into 10 distinct Modules, stretching over 10 weeks.
Every week a specific module is focused on, so that students will follow the learning guidelines and study components outlined in the online course.

Two weeks of Practical Demonstration sessions (‘Face to Face’) follow the ten-week online course. The Practical Demonstration sessions are optional and are costed separately from the online course. It is highly recommended that course participants attend this practicum at some time - WDGS intends to offer these Practical Demonstration sessions up to three times per year, depending on demand.

The Online Learning Environment:

The online learning environment is structured around specific learning and skill development outcomes. Visual illustrations, skill demonstration video clips, assignments, quizzes, tests are built into the online learning environment.

NOTE - it is required that students have access to a digital camera and a computer with internet access to participate in the online learning part of the course.

Internship and Practical Skills Development -
Course participants are encouraged to sign on for an internship with a Dog Grooming Salon, kennel or other facility that hosts dogs in their local area of residence to put into practice the knowledge and skills learned during the WDGS Grooming Course. Access to many breeds is a definite plus and good start to your business.


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