The Curriculum


The WDGS Curriculum




Four Foundational Branches:
Our structured curriculum to train groomers features four foundational branches which are incorporated and integrated throughout the training curriculum:

Know your Pets >

  • physical and behavioural characteristics
  • external anatomy and
    > health of pets (including vaccination, common diseases)
  • pet care as it applies to grooming
  • breed identification based on ‘Official Breed CKC Standards

Know your Tools >

  • identify, describe, and learn the proper use and maintenance of the tools of the trade -
    > clippers, brushes, scissors, and various performance equipment items

Learn the Art >

  • learn techniques and gain competency to execute individual complete breed trims
  • learn scissoring the trims and clipper work
  • view demonstrated learning skills in an applied settings - ‘The Practicum’

Learn the Business >

  • learn entrepreneurship, resourcing and setting up business, marketing and providing additional services
  • create resume and portfolio to document professional qualification
  • prepare to obtain recognized professional certification:
    > International Professional Groomers - IPG <
    > Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council - PIJAC <
  • network professionaly in the grooming industry


Practical Skills





By incorporating these four foundational branches, the WDGS Curriculum is dynamic and second to none. We pride ourselves in training that leads to a well-educated and professionally evolved groomer. We believe that the decision to become a pet groomer through our training program is a wise choice. Many of our graduates have gone on immediately to pursue their dreams of establishing their own business.



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