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Tera Teng

I am the founder of Western Dog Grooming School. I opened the School in 2002, as there was a need for professionally trained groomers. I spent 4 years developing a method of teaching dog grooming and a complete and thorough curriculum. I received my 2 year Diploma in Adult Education (Provincial Instructors Diploma) from Vancouver Community College . I am an I.P.G. Certified Master Groomer(ICMG) and a C.P.G. Canadian Canine Master Stylist Level 3(CCMS3), P.I.J.A.C. Certified Canine and Feline Specialist. I have had a successful dog grooming business, The Dog-Gone Grooming Salon, since 1995.

Prior to becoming a dog groomer, I worked in a Veterinarians office for 8 years and performed the duties as an Animal Health Technician and Veterinary Office Assistant. With my experience in the fields of business, pet care, and grooming, I feel I have developed a complete course for the career pet groomer to become successful.

To date, Jan 2015, we have trained 287 professional groomers most of which have started their own businesses. I am excited to the future of the school as my staff and I continually update our skills by attending seminars, shows, and keeping in touch with industry trends and the needs of professional groomer employers.

I have 7 year old twin little girls (2007) and they keep me busy as well. I have had many dogs and pets in the past all which died of old age. We have 2 Kittens, Marty and Fletcher and a Maltese named Brianna B now.

Podcast Interview

Title: EPISODE28 – Tera Teng of Western Dog Grooming School
Time: 11/16/2011 06:00 PM EST

Episode Notes: Thinking of becoming a groomer? Tera Teng heads up the Western Dog Grooming School and claims that grooming grads can often make $50,000 a year or more! Join us for this interactive podcast interview.

Kelsey Mitchell

Kelsey is a C.P.G Canadian Canine Stylist Level 2 (CCS2) and is very knowledgeable in grooming, breeds, business and handling dogs. Kelsey is the Manager of our supporting grooming salon, The Dog-Gone Grooming Salon. Kelsey assists with the instruction hands-on and manages a very busy grooming business. She is Master to 2 Maltipoos (Mickey and Monty).

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